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Abbass A
      Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapies in the Treatment of Major Depression [letter] 193

Abraham G
      Massive Weight Gain and Hostility Force Mirtazapine Stoppage [letter] 582

Abraham G, O’Brien S
      Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is Useful for Maintenance Treatment [letter] 386

Abrams KM, Robinson GE
      Occupational Effects of Stalking 468

Adrade C
      Categorizing Continuous Variables [letter] 886

Ahmed AG, Menzies RPD
      Homicide in the Canadian Prairies: Elderly and Nonelderly Killings 875

Albert J-M
      Le psychiatre et la pratique clinique de la psychiatrie dans un environnement incertain: penser à l’avenir / The Psychiatrist and the Clinical Practice of Psychiatry in an Uncertain Environment: Looking Ahead [Presidential Address] 913

Amyot A
      Richard J. Psychiatrie gériatrique : esquisse d’une histoire médicale par l’élaboration de son langage. [book review] 279

Antony MM
      see Summerfeldt LJ 977

Appolinario JC, Fontenelle LF, Papelbaum M, Bueno JR, Coutinho W
      Topiramate Use in Obese Patients With Binge Eating Disorder: An Open Study 271

Arboleda-Flórez J
      Pinard GF, Pagani L, editors. Clinical Assessment of Dangerousness: Empirical Contributions. [book review] 275

Arikan M
      see Sayar K (844)

Asmundson GJG, Coons MJ, Taylor S, Katz J
      PTSD and the Experience of Pain: Research and Clinical Implications of Shared Vulnerability and Mutual Maintenance Models 930

Attar-Levy D
      see Canceil O (97)

Axelsson J, Stefánsson JG, Magnússon A, Sigvaldason H, Karlsson MM
      Seasonal Affective Disorders: Relevance of Icelandic and Icelandic-Canadian Evidence to Etiologic Hypotheses 153


Baetz M, Larson DB, Marcoux G, Bowen R, Griffin R
      Canadian Psychiatric Inpatient Religious Commitment: An Association With Mental Health 159

      Reply: An Analysis of Religion and Mental Illness [letter] 971

      Reply: Canadian Psychiatric Inpatient Religious Commitment: An Association With Mental Health [letter] 972

Bagby RM
      see Vanderkooy JD (174)

Bal N
      see Tot S. (538)

Balachandra K, Swaminath S
      Fire Fetishism in a Female Arsonist? [letter] 487

Baldessarini RJ
      see Viguera AC (426)

Banzato CEM
      see Dalgalarrondo P (387)

Baptista T
      Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs and Glucose Dysregulation [letter] 94

Baptista T, Beaulieu S
      Are Leptin and Cytokines Involved in Body Weight Gain During Treatment With Antipsychotic Drugs? 742

Barrett SP
      see Gross SR (546)

Barrueto F
      see Shaps HJ (281)

Bauer I
      see Beaupré MG (81)

Beauchemin M-A, Millaud F, Nguyen KA
      A Case of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome With Clozapine and Risperidone [letter] 886

Beauclair L
      see Margolese HC (485)

Beaulieu S
      see Baptista T (742)

Beaupré MG, King S, Bauer I, Hess U, Debruille J-B, Corrigan PW
      Validation of French- and English-Canadian Versions of the Social Cue Recognition Test 81

Beck AT
      see Rector NA (39)

B cont'd

B cont'd

Beingessner SP
      Andrews J, Scull A. Undertaker of the Mind: John Monro and Mad-Doctoring in Eighteenth-Century England. [book review] 880

Benazzi F
      Borderline Personality Disorder Comorbidity in Early- and Late-Onset Bipolar II Disorder [letter] 195
      The Mood Disorder Questionnaire for Assessing Bipolar Spectrum Disorder Frequency [letter] 386
      Psychotic Mania in Bipolar II Depression Related to Sertraline Discontinuation [letter] 584

Berg JM
      see Bradley EA (785)

Berigan TR
      Treatment Of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder With Tiagabine [letter] 788
      Zonisamide Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: A Case Report [letter] 887
      Oxcarbazepine Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder [letter] 973

Bezchlibnyk Y, Young LT
      The Neurobiology of Bipolar Disorder: Focus on Signal Transduction Pathways and the Regulation of Gene Expression 135

Bhanji NH, Tempier R
      Managing Schizophrenia During the Stable Phase: Is There Consensus Among Practice Guidelines? 76

Bialik RJ
      see Telner JI (680)

Biancosino B, Facchi A, Marmai L, Grassi L
      Gabapentin Treatment of Impulsive-Aggressive Behaviour [letter] 483

Blake TM
      see Tibbo P (562)

Bland R
      see Craven MA (1S–104S)

Booker L
      see Schachar R (337)

Borson S
      see Lorentz WJ (723)

Bourdel M-C
      see Canceil O (97)

Bowen R
      see Baetz M (159), Baetz M, Baetz M (972)

Boyle MH
      see Schachar R (337), Levitt AJ (361)

Bradford J
      see Regehr C (385)

Bradley EA
      see Burge P (568)

Bradley EA, Lunsky Y, Berg JM, Brooks-Hill RW, O’Leary DA, Harman KE, Korossy M
      Re: Atypical Antipsychotic Use in Treating Adolescents and Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities [letter] 785

Bradley EA, Thompson A, Bryson SE
      Mental Retardation in Teenagers: Prevalence Data From the Niagara Region, Ontario 652

Bradwejn J
      see Swenson JR (194)
      Swenson JR (644)

Braunstein JW
      see Mujica R (788)

Breslau N
      Epidemiologic Studies of Trauma, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Other Psychiatric Disorders 923

Bristow K, Patten S
       Treatment-Seeking Rates and Associated Mediating Factors Among Individuals With Depression 660

Brochu L
      Gagnon A. Démystifier les maladies mentales : les troubles de l’enfance et de l’adolescence. [book review] 279

Brooks-Hill RW
      see Bradley EA (785)

Brooks WM
      see Villarreal G (666)

Bruneau M-A, Lespérance P, Chouinard S
      Catastrophic Reactions Induced by Tetrabenazine [letter] 683

Bryden P
      see Pinhas L (473)

Bryson SE
      see Bradley EA (652)

Bueno JR
      see Appolinario JC (271)

Burge P, Ouellette-Kuntz H, Saeed H, McCreary B, Paquette D, Sim F
      Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Care for People With a Dual Diagnosis: Patient Profiles and Lengths of Stay 243

Burge P, Ouellette-Kuntz H, McCreary B, Bradley E, Leichner P
      Senior Residents in Psychiatry: Views on Training in Developmental Disabilities 568


Cabrera-Abreu C
       see Patel S (971)

Cadore L
      see Schmitz M (863)

Cameron C
      Graessner G, Gurris N, Pross C, editors. At the Side of Torture Survivors: Treating a Terrible Assault on Human Dignity. [book review] 477

Canceil O, Sampaio-Meireles M, Poirier-Littre M-F, Bourdel M-C, Olie J-P, Attar-Levy D, Olivier V
      Principal-Component Analysis of the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale in Patients With Schizophrenia: Does a 5-Factor Model Apply to Published Data? [letter] 97

Carson J
      see Holloway F (628)

Carter DMG
      see Kuan AJ (888)

Cernovsky ZZ
      see Oyewumi LK (257)

Chaimowitz G, Glancy G
      The Duty to Protect [position paper] Vol 47(7)
      Le devoir de protection [énoncé de principe] Vol 47(7)

Chan J, Roberts N
      Goodyer IM. The Depressed Child and Adolescent. 2nd ed. [book review] 274

Chapman P
      see Swaminath RS (450)

Charron M
      see Lesage AD (49)

Chaves M
      see Schmitz M (863)

Cheifetz PN
      Stephen Franke Hidden Faults: Recognizing and Resolving Therapeutic Disjunctions. [book review] 676

Chouinard G
      see Margolese HC (485)
      Jablonowski K (975)

Chouinard S
      see Bruneau M-A (683)
      Jablonowski K (975)

Chue P, Jones B, Taylor CC, Dickson R
      Dissolution Profile, Tolerability, and Acceptability of the Orally Disintegrating Olanzapine Tablet in Patients With Schizophrenia 771

Clarke D
      see Lieff S (250)

Clerc D
      see Lesage AD (49)

Cohen LS
      see Viguera AC (426)

Çömeleko glu Ü
      see Tot S. (538)

Conn DK
      see Robillard M (767)

Cook PE, Goldberg JO, Van Lieshout RJ
      Benefits of Switching From Typical to Atypical Antipsychotic Medications: A Longitudinal Study in a Community-Based Setting (870)

Coons MJ
      see Asmundson GJG (930)

Corbière M
      see Lucena RJM (750)

Corral MR
      see Patton SW (959)

Corrigan PW
      see Beaupré MG (81)

Cotterchio M
      see Frise S (849)

Coupland NJ
      Worry WARTS Have Generalized Anxiety Disorder [letter] 197

Coutinho W
      see Appolinario JC (271)

Craven MA, Bland R
      Shared Mental Health Care: A Bibliography and Overview 1S-104S
      Le partage des soins de santé mentale : une bibliographie et une vue d’ensemble 1S-104S

Crustolo A-M
      see Kates N (857)

Cunningham C
      see Schachar R (337)

Curtin F, Remund C
      Musical Hallucinations During a Treatment With Benzodiazepine [letter] 789


Dalfen A
      see Stewart DE

Dalgalarrondo P, Fujisawa G, Banzato CEM
      Capgras Syndrome and Blindness: Against the Prosopagnosia Hypothesis [letter] 387

Dannon PN
      see Iancu I (56)

Davenport E, Velamoor R
      A Case of Paroxetine-Induced Galactorrhea [letter] 890

Davis CW
      see Smelson DA (671)

Davis GE, Lowell WE
      Evidence That Latitude is Directly Related to Variation in Suicide Rates 572

Davis S
      see Holloway F (628)

de Gara CJ
      see Tibbo P (562)

Deakin JFW
      see Strickland P (484)

Debruille J-B
      see Beaupré MG (81)

Des Rosiers P
      see Vida S (459)

DeSilva C, Nurse MC Vokey K
      Steroid-Induced Psychosis Treated With Risperidone [letter] 388

Dickson R
      Women’s Mental Health: Focus on Sexual and Reproductive Issues [editorial] 417
      see Chue P (771)

Dongier M
      Connors GJ, Donovan DM, DiClemente CC. Substance Abuse Treatment and the Stages of Change: Selecting and Planning Interventions. [book review] 575

Dongier M, Lesage A, Grunberg F, Stip E
      Response: Evidence-Based Psychiatry [letter] 384

Doucet P
      Houdé O, Kayser O, Kœning O, Proust J, Rastier F. Vocabulaire de sciences cognitives. [book review] 883

Duggal HS
      Intravenous Valproate Treatment: Some Observations [letter] 96
      Combined Use of Atypical Antipsychotics and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy in Schizophrenia [letter] 887

Duggal HS, Jagadheesan K, Nizamie SH
      Acute Onset of Schizophrenia Following Autocastration [letter] 283

Dunbar S
      see Kelly M (181)

Dursun SM
      see Strickland P (534)


Edwardh M
      see Regehr C (385)

el-Guebaly N
      see Wardman D (355)
      Heymann PB, Brownsberger WN, editors. Drug Addiction and Drug Policy: The Struggle to Control Dependence. [book review] 478

Élie R
      see Lucena RJM (750)

Elizur A
      see Melamed Y (485)

Engelsmann FF
      Wen-Shing T. Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry. [book review] 379


Facchi A
      see Biancosino B (483)

Faraone SV
      see Tsuang MT (515),
      Tsuang MT (518)

Faraone SV, Hendricks Brown C, Glatt SJ, Tsuang MT
      Preventing Schizophrenia and Psychotic Behaviour: Definitions and Methodological Issues 527

Farrar S
      see Kates N (857)

Favrod J
      see Tempier R (621)

Fernando L
      The World Trade Center Disaster [letter] 284

Finch SJ
      Voice Mail as a Transitional Object in the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder [letter] 974

Fine J
      Reply: Using Language in Psychiatry [letter] 583

Fleet RP
      see Lavoie KL (443)

Flint AJ, Gagnon N
      Effective Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Late-Life Depression 734

Fokas K
      see Iacovides A (196)

Fontenelle LF
      see Appolinario JC (271)

Fotiou F
      see Iacovides A (196)

Fountoulakis KN
      see Iacovides A (196)

Frankland A, Roberts N
      Remschmidt H, editor. Psychotherapy With Children and Adolescents. [book review] 782

Freeman DJ
      see Oyewumi LK (257)

Friedlander R, Lazar S, Klancnik J
      Reply: Atypical Antipsychotic Use in Treating Adolescents and Young Adults With Developmental Disabilities [letter] 785

Friedman EH
      Re: Using Language in Psychiatry [letter] 583

Frise S, Steingart A, Sloan M, Cotterchio M, Kreiger K
      Psychiatric Disorders and Use of Mental Health Services by Ontario Women 849

Fujisawa G
      see Dalgalarrondo P (387)


Ghabbour N
      see Pinhas L (473)

Gagnon LM, Patten SB
      Major Depression and Its Association With Long-Term Medical Conditions 149

Gagnon N
      see Flint AJ (734)

Gamble J, Menzies R
      Sildenafil Citrate for Female Orgasmic Disorder [letter] 486

Garfinkel PE
      Eating Disorders [editorial] 225

Gauld M
      see Schachar R (337)

Geagea J
      see Yuzda E (938)

Gélinas D
      see Lesage AD (49)

Ghaemi SN, Ko JY, Goodwin FK
      “Cade’s Disease” and Beyond: Misdiagnosis, Antidepressant Use, and a Proposed Definition for Bipolar Spectrum Disorder 125

Glancy G
      see Chaimowitz G Vol 47 (7),
      Regehr C (953)
      Arboleda-Flórez J, Deynaka CJ Forensic Psychiatric Evidence. [book review] 681

Glatt SJ
      see Faraone SV (527)

Gnam WH
      see Kurdyak PA (966)

Goldberg G
      see Regehr C (953)

Goldberg JO
      see Cook PE (870)

Goldbloom D
      see Yuzda E (938)

Goldner EM
      Psychiatric Epidemiology: Vibrant Art and Penetrating Science [editorial] 817

Goldner EM, Hsu L, Waraich P, Somers JM
      Prevalence and Incidence Studies of Schizophrenic Disorders: A Systematic Review of the Literature 833

Goodwin FK
      see Ghaemi SN (125)

Grady CL, Keightley ML
      Studies of Altered Social Cognition in Neuropsychiatric Disorders Using Functional Neuroimaging 327

Grassi L
      see Biancosino B (483)

Gray JE
      see Kelly M (181)

Greben SE
      Barnet B. Medicine: My Story. [book review] 186
      Bennett MJ. The Empathic Healer: An Endangered Species? [book review] 381

Griego JA
      see Villarreal G (666)

Griffin R
      see Baetz M (159),
      Baetz M (971),
      Baetz M (972)

Grigoriadis S, Seeman MV
      The Role of Estrogen in Schizophrenia: Implications for Schizophrenia Practice Guidelines for Women 437

G cont'd

G cont'd

Grof P
      Lichter DG, Cummings GL, editors. Frontal-Subcortical Circuits in Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders. [book review] 90
      Mood Disorders—New Definitions, Treatment Directions, and Understandings [editorial] 123
      Evans D. Emotions, the Science of Sentiment. [book review] 187
      Damasio A. The Feeling of What Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness. [book review] 276
      Horrobin D. The Madness of Adam and Eve: How Schizophrenia Shaped Humanity. [book review] 382
      Sakals B-A. We Fly, We Cry: Our Lives With Manic Depression. [book review] 781
      Reply: Evidence Supports Validity of Seasonal Affective Disorder [letter] 786

Gross SR, Barrett SP, Shestowsky JS, Pihl RO
      Ecstasy and Drug Consumption Patterns: A Canadian Rave Population Study 546

Grunberg F
      see Dongier M (384)

Gupta N, Malhotra P
      Olanzapine: A Proarrhythmic Drug? [letter] 683


Haddad P
      see Strickland P (484)

Hamilton DA
      see Villarreal G (666)

Hand I
      see Peter H (557)

Harman KE
      see Bradley EA (785)

Harris GT
      see Quinsey VL (384)

Hart BL
      see Villarreal G (666)

Henderson S
      The National Survey of Mental Health and Well-Being in Australia: Impact on Policy 819

H cont'd

H cont'd

Hendricks Brown C
      see Faraone SV (527)

Herrmann N
      Cognitive Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias 715

Hess U
      see Beaupré MG (81)

Hohagen F
      see Peter H (557)

Holloway F, Carson J, Davis S
      Rehabilitation in the United Kingdom: Research, Policy, and Practice. 628

Horan WP
      see Villarreal G (666)

Hsu L
      see Goldner EM (833)

Hua JM
      see Waddell C (825)

Hudson JI
      see Lalonde JK (282)

Hunter ME
      Re: New Century: Overcoming Stigma, Respecting Differences—Dr Myers’ Superlative Presidential Address [letter] 388


Iacovides A, Fountoulakis KN, Fotiou F, Fokas K, Nimatoudis I, Kaprinis G
      Relation of Personality Disorders to Subtypes of Major Depression According Both to DSM-IV and ICD-10 [letter] 196

Iancu I, Dannon PN, Ziv R, Lepkifker E
      A Follow-Up Study of Patients With DSM-IV Schizophreniform Disorder 56

Ickowicz A
      Bupropion-Methylphenidate Combination and Grand Mal Seizure [letter] 790


Jablonowski K, Margolese HC, Chouinard G
      Gabapentin-Induced Paradoxical Exacerbation of Psychosis in a Patient With Schizophrenia [letter] 975

Jadad AR
      see Schachar R (337)

Jaeger B
      see Massoubre C (61)

Jagadheesan K
      see Duggal HS (283)

Jerome L
      Critical Appraisal of Extended Treatment Studies in Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [letter] 975

Jones B
      see Chue P (771)

Joseph LW
      Gray JE, Shone MA, Liddle PF. Canadian Mental Health Law and Policy. [book review] 189

Joyce AS, Ogrodniczuk J, Piper WE, McCallum M
      A Test of the Phase Model of Psychotherapy Change 759

Jullien M
      see Massoubre C (61)


Kane BJ
      Testing for Antipsychotic-Induced Diabetes Mellitus [letter] 94

Kaplan AS
      Psychological Treatments for Anorexia Nervosa: A Review of Published Studies and Promising New Directions 235

Kaprinis G
      see Iacovides A (196)

Karlsson MM
      see Axelsson J (153)

K cont'd

K cont'd

Kane BJ
      Testing for Antipsychotic-Induced Diabetes Mellitus [letter] 94

Kaplan AS
      Psychological Treatments for Anorexia Nervosa: A Review of Published Studies and Promising New Directions 235

Kaprinis G
      see Iacovides A (196)

Karlsson MM
      see Axelsson J(153)

Kates N, Crustolo A-M, Farrar S, Nikolaou L
      Counsellors in Primary Care: Benefits and Lessons Learned 857

Katz J
      see Asmundson GJG (930)

Kaune M
      see Smelson DA (671)

Keightley ML
      see Grady CL (327)

Kelly M, Dunbar S, Gray JE, O’Reilly RL
      Treatment Delays for Involuntary Psychiatric Patients Associated With Reviews of Treatment Capacity 181

Kennedy SH
      see Vanderkooy JD (174)

Kennedy SH, Segal ZV, Lam RW, Whitney DK
      Re: Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapies in the Treatment of Major Depression [letter] 193

Keren R
      Melding P, Draper B, editors. Geriatric Consultation Liaison Psychiatry. [book review] 782

Khan N
      see Wardman D (355)

Kim M
      see Schachar R (337)

King S
      see Beaupré MG (81)

Kipper L
      see Schmitz M (863)

Kishimoto T
      see Morikawa M (976)

Klancnik J
      see Friedlander R (785)

Knijnik M
      see Schmitz M (863)

Knott T
      see Regehr C (953)

      see Ghaemi SN (125)

Koenig A
      see Peter H (557)

Kopala L
      see Whitehorn D (479)

Korossy M
      see Bradley EA (785)

Kreiger K
      see Frise S (849)

Kuan AJ
      see Patton SW (959)

Kuan AJ, Carter DMG, Ott FJ
      Distress Levels in Patients With Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder [letter] 888

Kurdyak PA, Gnam WH, Streiner DL
      Antidepressants and the Risk of Breast Cancer 966


Lal S
      see Patel S (687)

Lalonde JK, Hudson JI, Pope Jr HG
      Re: Canadian and American Psychiatrists’ Attitudes Toward Dissociative Disorder Diagnoses—The Authors Reply [letter] 282

Lam RW
      see Kennedy SH (193),
      Michalak EE (635),
      Michalak EE (786),
      Michalak EE (787)

Lamontagne Y
      see Lucena RJM (750)

Lang F
      see Massoubre C (61)

Larson DB
      see Baetz M (159),
      Baetz M (971),
      Baetz M (972)

Lavoie KL, Fleet RP
      Should Psychologists Be Granted Prescription Privileges? A Review of the Prescription Privilege Debate for Psychiatrists 443

Lazar S
      see Friedlander R (785)

Leichner P
      see Burge P (568)

Leighton AH
      Evidence-Based Psychiatry [letter] 384

Lepkifker E
      see Iancu I (56)

Lesage AD
      see Dongier M (384),
      Lucena RJM (750)

Lesage AD, Bonsack C, Clerc D, Vanier C, Charron M, Sasseville M, Luyet A, Gélinas D
      Alternatives to Acute Hospital Psychiatric Care in East-End Montreal 49

Lesage AD, Morissette R
      Chronique Mon C** [editorial] 617
      Chronic My A** [editorial] 619

Lespérance P
      see Bruneau M-A (683)

Leung M, Wrixon K, Remick RA
      Olanzapine-Induced Hair Loss [letter] 891

Levitt AJ, Boyle MH
      The Impact of Latitude on the Prevalence of Seasonal Depression 361

Lieff S, Clarke D
      Canadian Geriatric Psychiatrists: Why Do They Do It? A Delphi Study 250

Links PS
      Livesley WJ, editor. Handbook of Personality Disorders: Theory, Research and Treatment. [book review] 576

L cont'd

L cont'd

Lopes FL, Nascimento I, Valença AM, Versiani M, Nardi AE
      Respiratory Symptoms in Nocturnal Panic Attacks [letter] 684

Lorentz WJ, Scanlan JM, Borson S
      Brief Screening Tests for Dementia 723

Losonczy MF
      see Smelson DA (671)

Lowell WE
      see Davis GE (572)

Lucena RJM, Lesage A, Élie R, Lamontagne Y, Corbière M
      Strategies of Collaboration Between General Practitioners and Psychiatrists: A Survey of Practitioners’ Opinions and Characteristics 750

Lunsky Y
      see Bradley EA (785)

Luyet A
      see Lesage AD (49)


MacDonald C
      Treatment Resistance in Anorexia Nervosa and the Pervasiveness of Ethics in Clinical Decision Making 267

Magnússon A
      see Axelsson J (153)

Malhotra P
      see Gupta N (683)

Mamelak M
      Stores G. A Clinical Guide to Sleep Disorders in Children and Adolescents. [book review] 578

Mancinelli I
      see Pompili M (977)

Marcoux G
      see Baetz M (159),
      Baetz M (971),
      Baetz M (972)

Margolese HC
      see Jablonowski K (975)

Margolese HC, Chouinard G, Beauclair L, Miller M
      Using the Rating Scale for Psychotic Symptoms to Characterize Delusions Expressed in a Schizophrenia Patient With “Internet Psychosis” [letter] 485

Marmai L
      see Biancosino B (483)

Massoubre C, Lang F, Jaeger B, Jullien M, Pellet J
      La traduction des questionnaires et des tests : techniques et problèmes 61

Mazmanian D
      see Oluboka OJ (368)

M cont'd

M cont'd

McCallum M
      see Joyce AS(759)

McCreary B
      see Burge P (243),
      Burge P (568)

McEwan K
      see Waddell C (825)

McFarthing AM
      DAD = DSM-IV 296.23 [letter] 196

Melamed Y, Elizur A
      The Ward Changes Address: An Entire Hospital Department Moves to a Modern Building [letter] 485

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W cont'd

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